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Principles of Pilates

Centering -- The Pilates Method focuses on centering and proper alignment while executing the exercises. The student must work in alignment with a stabilized torso, or "powerhouse" (abdominal muscles, buttocks, inner thighs, and lower back). This also provides the basis for markedly improved balance and posture.

Concentration -- Perform the exercises with the correct mindful intent and focus on the process of deepening awareness into the movement. It is better to do one repetition correctly, completely, and with control than many without.

Control -- a fundamental element of the Pilates Method is that all physical motion begins with control by the mind and powerhouse. One must control each movement paying full attention to all details in positioning and sequencing.

Precision -- after becoming familiar with the exercises, the participants should aspire to make precise movements with each and every exercise.

Breathing -- The breath is an important element of Pilates training. Certain exercises are performed as specific "breathing" exercises, while others require a fluid natural breath, sequenced with the flow of motion, not separate from it.

Flowing Motion -- The Pilates workout should be performed in a flowing motion without a great deal of time between exercises.


Austin Pilates Joseph Pilates with student

pilates austin Joseph Pilates with student

austin pilates Joseph Pilates with student