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The Classical Pilates Method

The Classical Pilates Method is best described as a physical fitness program that strengthens the muscles through the art of control. The control mechanism is called the "powerhouse", consisting of all the muscles connected with the trunk: the abdomen, buttocks, inner thighs, and lower back. The Pilates Method emphasizes working from the powerhouse out while allowing the extremities freedom of movement. The Pilates exercises incorporate both elements of strength and stretch, giving the body a healthy, physical and mental balance.

The Classical Pilates Method has become one of today's most popular exercise and body conditioning programs, but was originally developed during the turn of the century. Joseph Pilates designed a program consisting of 500 exercises which conditioned the body and mind simultaneously. His influence came from both the Eastern and Western philosophies developing an idea that included full body control (concentrating on the abdominal area of the body), flexibility, and integration of the spine and limbs. Through regular practice, the Pilates Method improves the physical condition of the body, insures a strong and flexible spine, and promotes a healthy life as a person ages. Because the Pilates Method is non-impact, it does not put unnecessary stress to the joints.



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