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Studio Philosophy

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Body Springs Studio is one of the first Classical Pilates studios in Austin. The studio was established in 1999 under the ownership of certified Pilates instructor, Vicki Hickerson. Our certified Power Pilates instructors offer a movement based Pilates workout with modifications to suit special needs, injuries, or post operative rehabilitation. Body Springs also offers a well-designed vigorous workout for the exercise enthusiast. With your personal needs in mind, we can offer a free consultation to establish your Pilates goals.

About Body Springs
What is Classical Pilates?
Classical Pilates is a system of movement and body conditioning which initiates from the core and incorporates flexion, extension, and lateral rotation of the spine. The core consists of the abs, glutes, erectors, adductors and abductors and various muscles of the trunk. Classical Pilates follows a very precise system of exercises and their order invented by Joseph Pilates. For more history and information read the book Pilates: Return to Life Through Contrology

Body Springs teaches and supports the Classical system of Pilates. Teachers at Body Springs are certified through Pilates, Inc. (Romana Kryzanowska) and the Power Pilates certification program.

Since the trademark name "Pilates" previously became a generic term, its name can now be used by anyone. Over time, the Pilates Method has been watered down with mixtures such as meditative programs, body rolling, and Yogalaties (mixing Yoga with Pilates). We find that although these programs certainly have their place, they do not completely represent the true philosophy of the Method. Body Springs supports the Classical system of training which is the closest to Joseph Pilates' original intention and found to be the most effective. The Pilates Method is a vibrant "system" within its own right.

For optimum results, Body Springs suggests studying the Pilates Method at least two to three times a week. It is always advisable to begin your Pilates workout with private sessions. When you become skilled at an Intermediate level, then you are eligible to participate in duets or trio sessions. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, call the studio at (512) 452-0115.

Located in the Northwest Hills area of Austin, Body Springs offers a full service Pilates studio which includes equipment such as the Reformer, tower mat, Cadillac, all barrels, Wunda Chair, High Chair, Magic Circles, and light hand weights.

Below are photos of Romana Kryzanowska, a devotee, assistant, and pupil of Joseph Pilates.

Pilates Austin Romana hanging pilates austin Romana upside down austin Pilates Romana and Vicki
Romana Kryzanowsk Romana Kryzanowsk Romana Kryzanowska and Vicki Hickerson