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Group Tower/Mat Classes

Tower/mat class consists of 30 minutes of pilates mat and finishes with 15 minutes of spring resistance work on the Tower units. The Tower consists of leg springs, arm springs, a roll back bar, and a push-through bar.
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Group Tower/mat classes are not recommended for individuals with serious injuries since the class pace is conducted as a group. Those individuals with limitations should sign up for private sessions only.


Single Mat Session $17
Four classes $64
Eight classes $110

Group Tower/mat classes expire in 2 months, please no exceptions.

Classes are 45 to 50 minutes in length. The schedule is subject to change. Please call 452-0115 for confirmation.

  T W TH F S
A.M. 9:15
Beg/Int Tower/Mat
Equipment Class
Equipment Class
Beg Tower/Mat
P.M. 6:15
Open Tower/Mat
Beg Tower/Mat

Class Levels

The beginner will learn to strengthen the Powerhouse (abs, inner thighs, buttocks and lower back) while improving posture and body alignment. The Beginner class is a movement experience with a constant connection to the core.

Beginner/Intermediate Classes
Beg/Int: This is a Beginner class with some Intermediate add in's.

All levels are welcome. Some experience recommended.

Advanced Classes
For those individuals who are accomplished up to the intermediate level, and have a strong healthy body. The advanced student must be able to perform the exercises with fluidity and control of the pelvis and a strong connection to the core.



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