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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does Body Springs limit group reformer classes to three people?
In the Classical system, the proper way to learn the reformer is through private sessions until the student knows how to control the carriage, has learned the order of the exercises, and remembers which spring settings are for each exercise.

Body Springs offers group reformer classes that are limited to three people. In a group reformer class of more than three students, an instructor cannot appropriately accommodate all the students and their special needs. Since students are working on a piece of equipment with a loaded spring or springs, there is a possibility of danger during the workout if they don't have control over the moving carriage. The student could possibly let go of the springs and send the carriage crashing into the frame which could cause serious injury to the individual participating in the class.

At Body Spring, the safety of our students and instructors is extremely important. This is why we limit our group reformer classes to only three students.

What is the best way to start my Pilates program?
We recommend starting with a private session so that an instructor can assess your personal needs or limitations. Body Springs offers two introductory packages that would be a great place to start. Call the studio at 512-452-0115 to register and for more information.

  • 1 private session and 4 group tower mat sessions
  • 1 private session and 5 group equipment sessions

What does a private or Duet session consist of?
You will first begin with about 10 to 15 minutes of mat work, then the instructor will teach you specific exercises on the reformer (pilates apparatus that is a flat bed like structure with 4 springs and adjustable gears). Towards the end of your session, the instructor will determine where your particular weaknesses are, and then choose some of the smaller apparatus to suit you needs. At the end of your session, the instructor will focus on more standing posture and alignment exercises.

Is Pilates similar to Yoga?
No. Yoga is a wonderful exercise program, and has a variety of methods; however, there's several differences. For example: The Kripalu method focuses on the mind body connection through the practice of meditation while holding different poses, and the Kundalini method emphasizes stretching, breathing, and meditation. In some cases the instructor will ask the student to "relax" the belly. The Pilates Method differs from this because execution of the exercises requires a flowing motion as well as concentration on control through the "powerhouse" by contracting the belly muscles towards the back. The mind focuses on concentration not meditation. Joseph Pilates certainly received a great deal of INFLUENCE through Yoga, but he also incorporated many western philosophies as well.

Will I lose weight with Pilates?
A student may not see a change in weight from the scale; however, Pilates will help to lengthen and tone muscles, and with consistent workouts, provide a more streamlined look. Remember a successful weight loss program is a combination of proper diet and cardio exercise.

How many times a week should I take Pilates, and when will I notice a change in my body?
Pilates should be practiced at least two to three times a week. Since no exercise program has a "quick fix" it is recommended that a student participate in at least thirty sessions for optimum results.

Can I take Pilates if I am overweight or have a weak back, hip, or knees?
Yes, Pilates is suited for all body types; however, we do not claim to be physical therapists or medical doctors. The Pilates system, taught in its pure form, has been known to be an effective rehabilitation tool. During your private or duet session, the instructor will modify the exercises appropriately.

I am rehabilitating from back surgery. Can I join your group mat classes?
No. We recommend private sessions for individuals recovering from injuries so that the instructor can present the proper modifications for your needs, The student should be pain free before participating in a session.

What is appropriate attire?
Men — Sweat pants or biker shorts. Fitted tee shirt or tank shirt.
Women — Leotard and tights. Stretch pants or biker shorts with a fitted shirt. Please no lotion.